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domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Who says about the nothing?

Who says about the nothing?

Nothing is the Word i have been hearing even before my trip. The nothing. But nothing here is the wind.

The wind spoils every flag. The wind which makes plastic bags get wrapped in bushes…bushes here are colourful…the nothing is the wind which travels along without limits. No borders, no boundaries, no restrictions. The nothing here in the Moroccan Sahara is the colour of the sky…sometimes one cannot distinguish where the sky ends looking at the ocean. The salty ocean that makes the nothing smell different.

cabo bojador

Everybody talks about the nothing sights…but I can see small animals living on bushes, abundant small animals, especially beatles.. and this is part of the nothing too. The nothing is people. People who show you a smile, who offer you whatever they have, even if it is nothing. I cannot understand why people are not able to realize it.
The nothing here is hospitality, a kind of familiar gestures which makes you feel at home.
Boujdour, market
Who says about the nothing?
Nothing here is the sun. The same everybody can see from the earth…this nothing is the earth.
As the song says….we live, we love, we feel…we die…

I have no words to explain how much I appreciate this land. The one who has taught me to love details even more. This land which involves you since you put your feet on it.

The nothing… who said about it.

nos adentramos un poco en el sahara y pronto,camellos
Nothing is the night…when people come outside and live. They really enjoy the night…They play in the squares, they go shopping, they walk and they cross the roads without fear… Nothing here is places. Nothing is the market in the morning.

spider net in an oasis, sahara

Nothing is roads…straight ones….narrow others…and as you follow these, you can be delighted by camels.

The nothing are camels…which have their legs tied not to run…but to be followed by their offspring.
We stopped at this nothing…and suddenly an oasis raised in front of us… proving that life could be part of it
Why am I repeatly talking about the nothing?

Because people are confused and mistook the word… people who cannot notice that beyond it there is life in every corner, plant, bush, roaring wave, in every human being.

Luna del sahara
El viento ha olvidado
Mi huella en la arena.

Sahara moon.
The wind has forgotten
My footsteps on the sand…

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